Work Package 6

Validation and Implementation

D6.1 Report on evaluation criteria and testing parameters

The present deliverable (D6.1) is a working paper that will guide the planning and provides an overall basis for a methodological framework for the evaluation of the PROPETHS platform. It outlines in general terms the piloting approach and the testing parameters, using as a point of departure the end-user requirements collected in WP4. The key focus of D6.1 is placed on the design of a set of applicable evaluation criteria and sub-criteria and proposes an exemplary evaluation questionnaire to be used as a basis for facilitating the validation process. The latter aims to assess and validate the expected results through the implementation of pilot exercises that are planned to be designed, developed and carried out by the end-user partners within the framework of WP6 "Validation and Implementation". D6.1 also identifies possible challenges and limitations.

D6.2 Design and methodology of the validation exercise process

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D6.3 Report on the outcome of the validation exercises for open source tools

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D6.4 Report on the outcome and implementation of the policy toolkit

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