Work Package 5

Online PROPHETS Platform Development

D5.1 Report on policy making toolkit integration and development strategy

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D5.2 Weak indicator extraction tool

D5.2 presents and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the technical components of the “Weak Indicator Extraction Tool” of the “Monitoring and Situational Awareness Toolkit” of the PROPHETS platform, as specified in Task 5.2 “Weak Indicator Extraction”. This tool consists of the online material monitoring module, which collects and stores data from various online sources, and several modules that analyse the collected material, namely the classification of the collected content to categories relevant to the PROPHETS areas of interest, the analysis of the sentiment and emotional content of such material, as well as the specification of latent groups within them through clustering. By leveraging the outputs of these modules and by exploiting the temporal evolution of several indicators, the threat assessment and early warnings module then facilitates the identification of points in time where initiation and/or significant changes regarding behavioural radicalisation online processes occur. Finally, the legal and ethical considerations regarding the online data collection and analysis are discussed.

D5.3 Threat assessment and early warning tool

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D5.4 Real time expert notification panel

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D5.5 Report on system requirements, development and integration

D5.5 "System Requirements, Development and Integration report", as part of Work Package 5 (WP5), reports on the qualitative and quantitative features of the PROPHETS platform, comprised of three main components: the Policy Making Toolkit (T5.1), the Monitoring and Situational Awareness Tool (T5.2-5.3) and the Real-Time Experts Notification Portal (T5.4). The deliverable presents a high-level description of the architecture as well as more detailed aspects regarding the core components, the interactions between them, the identified security risks and the mitigation strategy, user interfaces, ethical and legal consideration arising from the technologies used, etc.

The system described within the D5.5 will be further enriched during the project lifecycle, as a result of the outcomes of the research findings of WP3 "Evidence Based Analysis through Key Behavioural Use Cases", as well as the results of the WP6 validation exercises, in order to meet the criteria of "assist[ing] and educat[ing] LEAs in the prevention, investigation and mitigation of behavioural radicalisation online and emerging cybercrime and cyberterrorism".