Work Package 2

Legal, Political and Ethical Aspects of Behavioural Radicalisation Online

D2.1 Legal and ethical framework and mapping report

WP2 is dedicated to the ‘legal, political and ethical aspects of behavioural radicalisation online’. As such, the current deliverable (D2.1) is specifically catered to identifying legal and ethical project requirements in view of the new PROPHETS framework represented by the Vision Statement.

This document includes the legal and ethical considerations raised in relation to collection, sharing and storage of behavioural radicalisation online data (PROPHETS examines how the process of behavioural radicalisation online leads to terrorist-related hate speech, terrorist financing, terrorist-generated content, terrorist recruitment and training in the online realm) on specific practitioner infrastructures in relation to potential offences. This will involve a review of relevant laws, and literature on legal and ethical frameworks and requirements with regard to such issues as privacy and data protection, and LEA/end user/practitioner co-operation and communication of results. Furthermore, each partner must adhere to their national laws on data protection, and also to EU standards [General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 2018] and the Directive (EU) 2016/680 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (Police Directive), depending on the competences and jurisdictions.

A final section offers insight into and examination of the compliance of the PROPHETS outcomes with the legal and ethical framework.

D2.1 Legal and Ethical Framework and Map
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D2.2 Review report on social and ethical implications of radicalisation awareness and prevention management

This deliverable discusses the different ethical, and societal implications of PROPHETS and also addresses the legal dimension thereof. Special attention is paid to the need to distinguish between different forms of radicalisation. This is done in order to respect privacy and individual rights, to avoid malevolent or unintended use of data and research findings, to avoid the risk of stigmatisation of individuals or groups, to keep the balance between LEA’s mission and the respect of individuals’ privacy, and to comply with procedural laws on the European and the national level. Moreover, the deliverable discusses the legal requirements at greater length, namely the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the General Data Protection Regulation and the EU’s Police Directive before evaluating numerous risks. Eventually, the deliverable explains how the aforementioned challenges and issues are being addressed. Prior to the concluding section the German Model Law is discussed.

D2.2 Review report on social and ethical
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D2.3 Report on legal and ethical requirements for the PROPHETS platform

The report on legal and ethical requirements for the PROPHETS platform outlines the measures and protocols taken into account when designing the digital infrastructure. This report, which bridges WP2 to WP5/6, addresses the three technical components of the platform within a legal and ethical context.

D2.3 Report on legal and ethical require
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D2.4 Project legal and ethical framework for the project exploitation

The PROPHETS project seeks to investigate and to understand the behavioural processes that are involved in on line radicalisation, and to combat the process of behavioural radicalisation online when potentially leading to cybercrime actions. Within the PROPHETS project, the aim of WP7 (“Dissemination, Harmonization and Exploitation”) is to create strong awareness regarding the project at the local, regional, National, EU and international levels. Compliance with data protection laws (such as the GDPR) and the ethical principles (Horizon2020 principles and ALLEA), is important for the dissemination and exploitation strategies and will be the focus of this report. This deliverable will list the different legal and ethical requirements related to dissemination and exploitation activities (e.g. project website, online activities, publication, PROPHETS platform).

D2.4 REV Project legal and ethical frame
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D2.5 Project legal and ethical handbook

The project legal and ethical handbook is intended to provide an overview about the meaning of ‘ethics’ and data protection, how these relate specifically to the PROPHETS project and what partners must do in order to comply with the respective requirements.

D2.5 Project legal and ethical handbook_
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D2.6 Policy making toolkit and recommendations report

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