Work Package 1

Project Management

D1.1 First year management and monitoring report

The first year management and monitoring report provides a summary of the objectives and outputs of PROPHETS in the first year of the Project (M1 to M12).

PROPHETS commenced in May 2018 and in the first twelve months, the Consortium has established the processes for managing and coordinating the project, developed the user requirements and developed a framework to consider legal, ethical and societal requirements. Combined, these all have allowed the commencement of the technical development with the first prototype of the integrated solution for assessment.


D1.2 Second year management and monitoring report

The second year management and monitoring report is a confidential report that is available only for members of the consortium and including the commission services. It aims to give an overview of, monitoring of, and management of the deliverables. This report aids in keeping the consortium on track with the PROPHETS project. 

D1.3 Final year management and monitoring report

... coming soon!

D1.4 Project quality assurance handbook

The aim of the project quality assurance handbook is to support partners in the effective and efficient administration and procedural management of the project. The handbook is based on the terms and conditions established in the Grant Agreement (No. 786894) signed by the European Commission (EC) and the consortium and its annexes as well as the PROPHETS Consortium Agreement specifications and requirements.

The document will serve as a guide to all partners in order to establish effective cooperation within the consortium and ensure the hightest level of quality of project deliverables and project Outcomes as well as to avoid deviations from the project work plan. Moreover, a set of template are listed in the annex. The basic purpose of the annexed template is to ensure that the documents exchanged within the project are unified in form and structure.

D1.5 Establishment of the project management board

The establishment of the project management board, which is fundamentally based on the Consortium Agreement and the Grant Agreement, describes the PROPHTES' management structure and defines the Project Coordinator (PC), the Scientific Technical Manager (STM), the Ethics Advisory Board (EAB), the Security Advisory Board (SAB), the Innovation Manager (IM), as well as the work package Leaders (WPL).

D1.6 Data management plan

The data management plan describes how the Research data collected, processed or generated will be handled. In particular, the document sets out the project's current view on what data will be collected and processed; it describes the methodology and Standards, which will be applied, and whether and how data will be shared.