Project Deliverables

  1. Project Management
    1. First Year Management and Monitoring Report
    2. Second Year Management and Monitoring Report
    3. Final Year Management and Monitoring Report
    4. Project Quality Assuring Handbook
    5. Establishment of the Project Management Board
    6. Data Management Plan
  1. Legal, Political, and Ethical Aspects of Behavioural Radicalisation Online
    1. Legal and Ethical Framework and Mapping Report
    2. Review Report on Social and Ethical Implications of Radicalisation Awareness and Prevention Management
    3. Report on Legal and Ethical Requirements for the PROPHETS Platform
    4. Project Legal and Ethical Framework for the Project Exploitation
    5. Project Legal and Ethical Handbook
    6. Policy Making Toolkit and Recommendations Report
  1. Evidence Based Analysis Through Key Behavioural Use Cases
    1. Report on Macro Level Existing and Emerging Cyber Behavioural and Online Terrorist Concerns
    2. Micro Level Report on Vulnerable Actor Behavioural Radicalisation
    3. Meso-macro Level Report on Driving Factors of Behavioural Radicalisation
    4. End User Recommendations on Best Practices for the Reduction and Remedy of Behavioural Radicalisation
    5. Living Lab Report CaaS
    6. Report on the Citizens' Current Perceptions and Understanding of Cybercrime
  1. User Requirements for Safeguarding Against Behavioural Radicalisation
    1. Map and Knowledge Database of Existing Counter Behavioural Radicalisation Programs
    2. End User Requirements Guide
    3. Social and Economic End User Requirements Guide
    4. Judicial, Policy, and Legal End User Requirements
    5. Report on Privacy and Security Safeguards
  1. Online PROPHETS Platform Development
    1. Report on Policy Making Toolkit Integration and Development Strategy
    2. Weak Indicator Extraction Tool
    3. Threat Assessment and Early Warning Tool
    4. Real Time Expert Notification Tool
    5. Report on System Requirements, Development, and Integration
  1. Validation and Implementation
    1. Report on Evaluation Criteria and Testing Parameters
    2. Design and Methodology of the Validation Exercise Process
    3. Report on the Outcome of the Validation Exercises for Open Source Tool
    4. Report on the Outcome and Implementation of the Policy Toolkit
  1. Dissemination, Harmonisation, and Exploitation
    1. Initial Dissemination Plan
    2. First Report on the Implementation of the Dissemination Plan and Periodic Updates
    3. Second Report an the Implementation of the Dissemination Plan and Periodic Updates
    4. Development and Maintenance of the Project Website and Web Presence
    5. Summary Report on the Reach of the Dissemination of PROPHETS Interactive Activities
    6. Final Design of PROPHETS Training Package and Materials
    7. Delivery and Evaluation Report of the PROPHETS Training Package for LEAs
    8. Exploitation Plan
    9. Parallel Project Harmonisation Strategy Report
  1. Ethics Requirements
    1. H - Requirement No. 2
    2. POPD - Requirement No. 4