The increasing interest of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and private companies in prevention has driven to the development of new analytical tools and indicators capable of detecting and identifying suspect criminals. These techniques are often based on the criminal profiling paradigm.

Although these techniques are applied to any type of crime, they are extensively used to identify individuals who might become radicalised or engage in terror-related crimes, especially online. Yet are these methods trust-worthy? Is profiling necessarily helpful in cases of radicalisation or could it be dangerously misleading?


Find here the full article edited by Virginia Cinelli and Stefano Bellina of Agenfor International to download or on Agenfor's website.


Preventing radicalisation through OSINT tools: Recommendations for lawful profiling
Virginia Cinelli & Stefano Bellina, Agenfor
Preventing radicalisation through OSINT
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AGENFOR Reportage on Women and Children of Foreign Fighters in Syria

Families of foreign fighters captured in Syria and Iraq have been abandoned by their governments in prison camps managed by non-State actors. Agenfor International Foundation visited them there to document their experiences, monitor risks in the case that they return home, and understand their attitudes towards repentance and possibility for reintegration.