Objective 7: Tools to Enhance Capabilities and Counter Radical Behaviours

This objective will be realised through three technical components creating the PROPHETS Technology platform. The tool has been developed to be as realistic and feasible in scope and complexity as to be used immediately by relevant agencies following the end of the project timeline. PROPHETS will implement useful, practical applications to enhance LEAs and relevant organisations in combatting online behavioural radicalisation that achieve a TRL beyond ‘proof of concept’ or ‘prototype’. The tools will be shaped through the end user requirements of relevant LEAs and organisations and then thoroughly validated.

  • Enhanced Monitoring and Situational Awareness: One such example would be the investigation of, and subsequent automated crawling of forums and dark web markets, promoting, encouraging, and selling/giving guides on hacking, leaked data, vulnerability exploitation, etc. This automated monitoring could be set up to alert LEA/stakeholders investigators, when it has cross validated relevant cyber news with mentions of specific Cybercriminal, behavioural-radicalisation and cyberterrorism interests, infrastructure, personnel and so forth. Categorises the different types of online crime, classification.
  • Features/ Weak Indicators: PROPHETS will utilise big data analytics and weak indicators, to help notify relevant LEAs and cyber security stakeholders, to areas of concern surrounding from the online radical action of OC and CT, as well as enabling actions of OC and CT. Computer analysis - prioritise, rank threat, find influences: give over to social scientists, see if find links between who is vulnerable (patterns). Then can hand over to police if concerning. Complement each other and could be in iterations and have analysis.
  • Real-Time Notification and Expert Advice: Additionally, PROPHETS will look at the desirability to create, or add to an existing EU security software infrastructure, a portal-database of affiliated stakeholders, such as vetted; cyber, psychological, criminological, law enforcement, linguistic expert members and permitting domain experts. These domain experts, via consent, may be contacted securely and remotely for 'quick bursts' of expert advice. This could be sent out through secure encrypted mobile app 'push notifications' that wouldn't be too distracting or inconvenient to subjects, however, would allow for a bulk 'call for support' in which external associates may directly respond or get in contact with relevant LEA personnel relating to the ongoing operational needs. The
    real-time notification portal will be available in multiple languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish , Croatian, Bulgarian and Greek)