Objective 4: Recognising Ethical, Moral and Legal Concerns

This objective is primarily focused on mapping out the relevant legal, ethical, moral and socio-economic challenges, concerns and targets for PROPHETS. It is designed to ensure that the behavioural case studies are anchored to real world EU strategic concerns, including both the legal and judicial levels, but also of the wider public, whose perceptions of contemporary cybercrime via Eurobarometer surveys and other relevant inquires reveal large knowledge and awareness deficiencies. The objectives will aim to carry out the following activities:

  • Examine and validate that existing de-radicalisation or governmental strategies aren't undermining and exacerbating the problem (Identify legal and ethical project requirements; Consolidation of greater online behavioural profiling system; End user supported critical review of existing behavioural detection, prevention and mitigation concerns).
  • Study the scope of judicial and police cooperation aimed at preventing, pursuing, and disrupting cyber-criminal activities within the context of radicalisation and terrorism through the lens of the new EU legislation and the sentences of the ECJ and ECtHR (This includes identifying legal and ethical project requirements; Judicial, policy and legal requirements for safeguarding; and Good practice roadmap and policy recommendation toolkit).
  • Explore the conflicts and contradictions in addressing the concerns around the privacy and security debate, its applicability to cybercrime related to radicalisation and terrorism, its relevance to citizen, and its impact on policy and data protection guidelines (Such as reviewing ethical, societal and legal implications; Legal and ethical framework for the project development and exploitation; Ethical and legal issues; Good practice roadmap and policy recommendation toolkit; Legal, ethical and policy harmonisation; and privacy and security safeguards).