Objective 3: Identifying Underlying Psychological Traits

This objective is concerned with understanding and remedying the broader underlying psychological traits that feed into radicalisation problems of both the vulnerable and influential. It seeks to examine a wide scope of online radicalisation paths and classifications including online terrorist, organised gang, hacker group, blackmail and exploitation, insider threat worker, etc. and how this material resonates with them. Several use cases will be examined to inform:
  • Identification of radicalisation as a means of de-sensitisation to immoral content
  • Recognising radicalisation of influential individuals through psychological behaviours, e.g., Insider threat
  • Ramifications of unchecked and unchallenged content, e.g., newspaper headlines that are strongly anti-immigrant, anti-culture, and provocative.
  • Study of deliberate targeting, grooming and manipulation of vulnerable people online
Through the outputs of these use cases and the identification of the underlying traits this results of this objective will lead to the development of good practice for anti- and de-radicalisation of vulnerable persons, an enhanced understanding of how to support citizens in accurately detecting the risks, threats and Impacts of cybercrime on their daily lives, as well as informing LEA and end user training to better the processing of online behavioural radicalisation.