Objective 1: Online Awareness, Capacity and Resilience Building

This objective will involve a state of the art examination of the emerging challenges of policing and securing the cyber ecosystem for countering behavioural radicalisation issues of internet usage from a pro-active and LEA-cooperative manner. LEAs and cyber security stakeholders are still struggling to deal with online behaviours that are both actions of illegal crime and terrorism, or act as enablers for further crime and terrorism. This objective will particularly focus on vulnerable targets at risk from behavioural radicalisation or criminal/terrorist targeting online. This will be achieved by:

  • Developing methodologies to increase focus, awareness and education both of young people who often have convenient, unsupervised and unrestricted online access.
  • Identify new pathways to disseminate best practices of generating awareness of online behavioural radicalisation processes of potentially vulnerable audiences to responsible organisations and guardians of (e.g., community policing, local council, school authorities)
  • Completing a cross-validation analysis of existing practices for policing the cyber ecosystem alongside LEAs. Similarities, differences, levels of effectiveness and uptake of strategies employed will be analysed and used to create new avenues for cooperation between LEAs, the private sector, and the wider public.
This objective will lead to an increased resilience of all parties through a greater understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, capacity and capability towards monitoring, preventing and mitigating against online challenges.