Second Consortium Meeting hosted by Croatian Police College

On December 12th and 13th, the second consortium meeting of PROPHETS took place at the Zagreb police academy with experts from 15 academic, forensic, and police institutions.

Among other topics, the Consortium discussed results from research in 10 countries concerning the relation between civic perception of policing and collection of personal data and online behavior. The goal was to examine the acceptance of security measures taken by police, other law enforcement agencies, and private actors to prevent cybercrime.

Special thanks goes to our external advisors - Dr. des. Matthias Jakob Becker (Humboldt University) and Detective Chief Inspector Doug Blackwood (Humberside Police) -  who accompanied and supported us during the two days with their professional experiences!


Families of foreign fighters captured in Syria and Iraq have been abandoned BY THEIR GOVERNMENTS in prison camps managed by non-State actors. Agenfor International Foundation visited them there to document their experiences, monitor risks in the case that they return home, and understand their attitudes towards repentance and possibility for reintegration.

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Project Kick-off Meeting hosted by BayHföD


On June 14th and 15th, 2018, the consortium kicked off the recently funded European Union Horizon 2020 Research Project PROPHETS. Therefore, 26 experts and researchers from 10 European countries gathered on BayHföD's premises in order to discuss the first steps towards new methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate cybercriminal behaviours through the development of a coherent, EU-wide, adaptive Security Model.