Project Aims

It is most important to the security of EU citizens and the harmony within the EU to understand and monitor radical processes that may be linked to terrorist activity. The core aim of the PROPHETS project is to examine the process of behavioural radicalisation online and how it leads to hate speech, terrorist financing, terrorist-generated content, and terrorist recruitment and training.


Thereby, PROPHETS differentiates between the macro level, meso level, and micro level of factors that may affect behavioural radicalization as well as existing and emerging terrorist trends online:







How do global, national and international political, economic, legal, technological and societal changes impact the driving factors behind behavioural radicalization as well as contemporary terrorist trends online?

How do group structures and networks incentivize and encourage behavioural radicalization online and online terrorist activities online?

How do individual level psychological considerations impact an individual’s vulnerability towards behavioural radicalisation online, as well as which push and pull factors may motivate them to personally engage in terrorist activities online?